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Unburden Your Soul

A Transformational Event Reclaiming Happiness and Inner Power

Feeling weighed down by the pressures of life? Is stress overwhelming?

Are conflicts straining your relationships, leaving you drained and uninspired?

You're not alone, and you don't have to continue living this way!

Join us for

Unburden Your Soul and Rediscover Your Inner Power!

It's time to break free from stress,

Revitalize your spirit, breathe new life into your self and awaken your soul to its fullest!

Don't let fatigue and dissatisfaction hold you back any longer.

Seize this opportunity to reignite your zest for life and embrace the happiness and energy you deserve.

🌈 Reserve your spot now and say YES  to happiness! 🌈

Spaces are limited, so act quickly to embark on this adventure to a happier, more empowered you!


Get ready to shed the weight of the past and embrace the power of the present?

Join us for an enlightening adventure guided by Jewana White, where you'll uncover the keys to unlocking your true potential and redesigning your future.

Discover a sanctuary of healing practices and soul-nourishing wisdom, expertly curated to help you reconnect with your spirit, prioritize your well-being, and reignite your zest for life.

Don't let burnout and exhaustion hold you back any longer.It's time to say YES to a happier, more empowered you!

Reserve your spot now and embark on a transformative adventure toward inner fulfillment and joy.

Space is limited, so secure your spot today and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow!

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Date: Saturday

March 30, 2024

Your Investment ONLY: $55

1-4pm EST

Hey there, I'm Jewana,

aka The Midlife Resuscitator, Reviving Energetic Wellness.

My journey started with my own resurrection from bankruptcy, divorce, and a major accident. Talk about a cosmic joke!

But through these trials, I've learned firsthand how prioritizing my well-being empowers me to overcome and thrive.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and with a little humor and a lot of courage, I started breathing life into myself. Through CPR—Connecting, Processing, and Releasing

I found my inner strength, processed my experiences with courage, and released the burdens holding me back.

This built Courage, Persistence, and Resilience, forming the foundation of my approach to wellness.

Now, how do I work my magic? CPR

I specialize in breathing new life into the spirits of women stuck in the sitcom of self-doubt, so they can star in their own blockbuster movie of empowerment.

With a little love and a touch of CPR, we're turning life's punchlines into power moves.

Together, let's process the punchlines, release the reruns, and rewrite your script for success.


Why Attend?

In-Person Benefits:

Deepen your connection with yourself and others in a nurturing environment

Positioned for one-on-one guidance from Jewana herself

Virtual Benefits:

Attend from the comfort of your own home, no travel required

Participate in real-time discussions and exercises via live stream

Access to recorded sessions for future reference and continued growth

Claim Your Spot NOW

Don't miss this opportunity to redesign your life and take the next step toward a life filled clarity, confidence and purpose you can have the life you desire and deserve

What Others Are Saying?

"I attended Jewana White's event with skepticism, unsure if anything could truly help me release the weight of my past. 

But let me tell you, it was nothing short of life-changing. 

Jewana's warmth, wisdom, and genuine care created a space where I felt safe to explore my wounds. 

Through the healing practices, I experienced a profound shift in my energy and mindset.

 I left the event feeling lighter, freer, and more empowered than I had in years. 

Thank you, Jewana, for helping me reclaim my inner power and happiness!"

M Joseph⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I had the pleasure of attending Jewana White's 'Unburden Your Soul' event, and it exceeded all my expectations. 

Jewana's passion for others shines through in every aspect of the event.

From the soul-nourishing discussions to the practical tools and techniques shared, I felt supported and uplifted.

The connection with fellow attendees was icing on the cake.

 I left the event with a renewed sense of purpose and a deep-seated belief in my own worthiness. 

Thank you, Jewana, for guiding me on this transformative journey!"


"I can't say enough good things about Jewana White's 'Unburden Your Soul'.

As someone who has struggled with feelings of not being enough and self-doubt for years,

I was hesitant to believe that anything could truly help me break free from the cycle of negativity. 

But Jewana's compassionate guidance and insights proved me wrong. 

Through the powerful meditation practice  I gained clarity and perspective that I never thought possible.

I left the event feeling lighter, more confident, and ready to embrace a life filled with joy and fulfillment. 

Jewana, you're a true gift to this world – thank you for sharing your light with us!"